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Jaikara  Ltd  was  first  incorporated  in  2009  as  a  vibrant  social enterprise. Its aim is to bring  communities together and to raise cultural understanding to facilitate social integration. As a small team, Jaikara now provides information, advice, support and multi-lingual advocacy services throughout the area. We aim to provide community services for all people who face difficult problems and want to make their voice known in a free, independent and confidential manner.


Jaikara is based in Wolverhampton and supports families with Advice, Advocacy and Practical Support in times of crisis. We support people to be heard and to understand their rights if an issue or problem is making their daily life difficult.  We also offer help and support for men and  women  from  BAME communities fleeing  from  domestic  abuse,  gender-based  violence,  caste and  faith-based  discrimination  or  any  other  situation  threatening their physical and mental stability.


We offer a range of training at our main centre where we also run a food bank. Specially developed projects run throughout the year which seek to raise awareness of important community issues and help people to stay safe, well and economically active.


‘Jaikara’ in  Sikhism  is  a  compound  of  ‘jai’  meaning  to  proclaim success   and   ‘kar’   meaning   to   do   or   act.   The   word   ‘jaikara’ means to  make  an  ovation  or  utterance,  to  call  out,  or  shout  while rejoicing  in  triumph,  to  proclaim  victory,  to  vocally  raise  and  rally spirits.

Jaikara aims to: -


  • Consistently go above and beyond what is expected to support the local community with getting the help that they are entitled to.

  • To tackle social exclusion by working in the wider community.

  • Make a real difference over a set period of time and provide challenging, thought provoking and inclusive campaigns.

  • Help to raise standards within the sector by providing highly trained staff and volunteers.

  • Have the opportunity to show our extraordinary commitment and passion for helping people grow and achieve.

  • Have reached out to and also worked with communities who have in the past had barriers to gain access to advocacy support.


What we do.

Our professional team helps people without the right level of support around them to have their voice heard to:


• Help people to know their rights around housing, education and employment.

• To help families find out and disclose vital information if communication is a barrier.

• To offer practical support in emergencies.

• Help support people to make decisions when life gets difficult.

• Help people to get professional support from within the community.

• Help people to raise concerns.


We additionally provide collective advocacy projects which bring community members together to discuss difficult issues and take forward experiences and opinions which aim to influence change. Through celebrations, support groups, special projects and awareness campaigns, we offer our communities a shared voice rather than singling out individuals in order to-

  • Enable local people to raise awareness and influence decisions made about their community.

  • Use people's shared experiences to give them a stronger and more powerful collective voice.

  • Challenge stigma and discrimination.

  • Ensure that nobody gets left behind.

Who can use Jaikara's services?

We support people who are going through a difficult time and need extra independent support. Our service helps people who have:

• Language barriers

• Learning needs

• Mental ill-health issues

• Social or health care concerns

• Domestic violence concerns

• Difficulties that are leaving families struggling.

If we cannot give you with the support you need, we can let you know which local organisation might be better for you to access. We can contact them on your behalf if you would like us to.

We work alongside and are supported by a number of organisations





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