JAIKARA works in association with MLSS and sponsors a feed on the 2nd Tuesday of every month. This is an ongoing arrangement to support the homeless in Wolverhampton. This project was 1st set up in 2018 and since then we have been able to provide hot meals to more then 20,000 people. This project will continue to support MLSS in their mission to end hunger and support all people regardless of social status. 



Collecting warm clothes for people in need. At the same time as asking for donations we are encouraging women and men who can knit to join our project to knit scarfs, hats and gloves for children in school and families in refuge. The project has a multitude of benefits especially as it involves elderly members of our community who pass on their skills, tackling isolation and getting them involved. Young people benefit from these interactions with children learning new skills and having the opportunity to express gratitude by thanking these elderly volunteers.


We are asking people to donate following items


Knitting needles



Hats gloves, coats, scarfs, ear muffs



When people are going through a difficult time, sometimes the most valuable thing that we can provide them with is someone to talk to. We are  providing support to people through phone or face to face weekly befriending for 30 minutes to an hour.




Vision for innovation is a Black country based an employability project which helps people to gain employability skills through training. Training includes IT & Microsoft skills, Digital Marketing & Social Media, CV, Interview and Workplace techniques. Also providing free child care and lunch to support the participants. This Project is funded by Walsall council through European social funds.




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