Domestic Violence Services


Jaikara supports victims of domestic abuse and honor-based violence with a focus predominantly on women from South Asian communities. We provide our support in a number of communitylanguage to ensure every victim of violence gets the help that they need. We work in partnership to raise awareness on taboo subjects such as Domestic Abuse, Mental Health, Female Genital Mutilation, LGBT, and Gender Equality.

How We Help

The latest Government advice during the COVID 19 crisis is for all of us to stay in our homes.
However for victims of domestic abuse, home can feel like the least safe place that they could be. Jaikara is still here helping victims to stay safe through our emergency helpline. 
Contact us If you are anxious, depressed, scared or feeling at a loss about what to do – you do not need to continue to suffer on your own.

We provide a support service to survivors of domestic violence including those at the

point of crisis.


We help survivors of forced marriage, honour based violence and those with no recourse to public funds.


After assessing and managing any immediate risks, victims will then be offered a free program of mentoring and support. Awareness of legal rights to protection and the financial, housing, health and educational support already available to them will be promoted, with Jaikara helping women to maintain their mental wellbeing during this difficult life transition.  Jaikara provides  support  by  working  in  partnership  with like-minded  people  and  organisations  to  reduce  and  eliminate the  sufferings  inflicted  on  individuals  from  domestic  abuse  and honour-based  violence. 


We also organise seminars and  campaigns to  raise  awareness  on  taboo  subjects  such  as  Domestic Abuse, Mental Health, Female Genital Mutilation and Gender Equality. 



Support and Help


Anyone worried about or suffering from any domestic violence, female genital mutilation, forced marriage, honour-based violence or sexual violence should 


In an emergency, always call the police on  - 999. You can press 55 if you can not talk (only on mobile phones). They have a duty to protect and help you.