Film and Book launches


Writing can teach us lessons and make us think differently. Writers can choose to use their writing to teach valuable lessons, to give new perspectives and make us see the world and the behaviour of people in a different light. Writing can inspire, motivate, and bring about behaviour of people in a brand new way. Writing can inspire, motivate, and bring about change.


Staying connected to the mother tongue is very important for our mental and spiritual development. In today's world where the world is uniting through the internet, being multilingual is considered a skill.


We encourage young writers to come forward especially those who have continued to learn their native language and have a passion to write. We launch new books and help writers to build their confidence and it encourages others to stay connected with their roots.





Art and cultural shows


Through Jaikara, we are trying to stay connected with the South Asian languages and will continue this campaign to connect our literature and rich heritage with the present and future generations.


Our projects speak out in favour of clean music and high-quality singing . The purpose of holding cultural events is to stay connected with one's rich heritage and to raise one's voice against social evils and challenge any taboos. It also gives us opportunity to have open discussions with the community and hear their views on such traditions which are contributing towards the fall of such rich heritage.


Event Management


If you are thinking of organising such events, we can help you to organise it so please get in touch.