Modern slavery in the UK

Modern slavery takes many forms, such as domestic slavery, forced sexual exploitation and forced labour in a variety of businesses like nail bars, farms, building, shops, bars,  car washes or manufacturing driven by the desire for cheap products and services. It can also involve forced marriage, child slavery, forced begging,  illegal drug activities and debt bondage, where you are forced to work for free to pay off debts.

We understand that lots of victims of slavery are told their families will be hurt if they leave.

Most modern slavery is not visible. Slavery mostly takes place out of site in homes and private businesses that are operating illegally.

If you are worried about yourself or someone who could be a victim of Modern Slavery and trafficking, please get in touch and we will provide support and information. We can get you in touch with the organisations who can help to support you. We will be there throughout your journey until your referral is accepted.

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