Male Domestic Abuse

Domestic abuse is not acceptable and must not be tolerated whether the victim is male or female. We all have the right to live a life free from any type of abuse.

Jaikara offers male victims with practical information, support, advocacy, guidance and can signpost you to what help is available. This may include helping you to find a safe place or making your existing home more secure. 

We work with local organisations who provide support for male victims and will get you in touch with those organisations.

How we can help

If you are a victim of domestic abuse we are here to help, you are not alone. Whatever your background, age, race or sexuality, Jaikara is here to give all the support we can.

One is six men will be a victim of domestic abuse in their lifetime


You are not to blame
You are not weak
You are not alone

You might be experiencing domestic violence if your partner:

Threatens you with violence and weapons

Calls you names, insults you or puts you down

Prevents you from visiting family members or friends

Blames you for their violent behavior or suggests that you that you deserve it

Gets angry after drinking alcohol or using drugs
Prevents you from going to out of the home
Attempts to control how you spend your money, where you go or what you wear
Acts jealous or possessive or constantly accuses you of being unfaithful
Tries to control health care access
Hits, kicks, slaps, chokes or otherwise hurts you
Forces you to have sex against your will
Threatens to tell friends, family, colleagues or community members your sexual orientation 

If you are gay, bisexual or transgender, you may also be experiencing domestic violence if you're in a relationship with someone who:

- Tells you that that men are naturally violent

- Says that authorities will not help a gay, bisexual or transgender person
- Tells you that leaving the relationship means you are admitting you are deviant
- Justifies abuse by saying that you are not "really" gay
- Does not take the blame

For lots of men, calling our anonymous helpline is the most difficult first step in talking to someone about their problems .


Jaikara also welcomes contact from mothers, sisters, brothers, daughters, friends and colleagues looking for information if they think someone is a victim. We are always here to help.

Our helpline is operated by trained people who can give both listening and practical support as well as providing information. We work alongside external local organisations who are experienced in offering domestic violence support to male victims.

If you are in immediate danger always call the police on 999 if it is an emergency. You can press 55 if you can not talk (only on mobile phones). They have a duty to protect and help you.

There are also other forms of support:

Refuge Men’s Advice Line   0808 801 0327

Respect Men's Advice Line  Freephone 0808 8010327

Mankind Helpline: 01823 334244

National LGBT Domestic Abuse Helpline: 0800 999 5428

Jaikara is here to support you, if you are  worried about yourself or anybody else.

Call us on 03301 331100, or fill in our online referral form.