How Jaikara can help


Anybody can become a victim of domestic abuse, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, age,or ethnicity.   

If you are being abused, physically or emotionally, it is important that you tell someone.  

In an emergency, always call 999. if you feel threatened.


If it is not an emergency and you would prefer to stay anonymous right now, contact us online or by phone 100% anonymously - guaranteed.


We offer information, guidance and support in a number of languages on how you can safely leave an abusive household.

Jaikara is able to offer a variety of support:-

- Fully inform you of all of your options, and stay with you as you make your own choices

- Offer you information and guidance on benefits, including how to access them

- Help you if you need info on setting up and maintaining a new residence

- We can help support you to access safe accommodation

- Provide information and support on your housing rights and responsibilities

- Help you to have full access to community services such as GPS and nurseries

- Support people to build self-confidence and social skills through training and befriending services.


Jaikara is here to support you, no matter what you are worried about.

Call us on 03301 331100, or fill in our online referral form.